Homeownership for Muslims

No mortgage, no interest, no profit rates, and no selling to banks. Own the home you love without compromising on your beliefs.

Finally, a truly halal way to own your home.

Gone are the days of doubt with Islamic and conventional mortgages. Neeyah gives Muslim Americans access to Shariah Compliant homeownership with our shared-equity model.

100% Debt-Free &
No Interest

A straightforward partnership structure that removes all debt. No modified mortgage contracts or interest disguised as profit.

Shared Risk &
Shared Costs

We share home expenses and any potential loss in value of the home. We mean it, we're partners.

No Risk of

Unlike Islamic Finance products, your equity remains yours. Access your home equity for unplanned life events.

How It Works

You choose the home. We buy it together.

Buy a minimum 20% and Neeyah buys the rest.

Move in and make monthly payments.

Pay rent for the portion of the home you don't own yet, while Neeyah pays for its fair share of home expenses.

Increase ownership at your pace.

You have the option to buy more equity in the home every month.

Sell anytime or reach 100% ownership.

You decide when to sell the home, or reach sole ownership.

Go From Renting to Owning

Stop throwing money away on rent when you could be owning and investing in a home you love. If you can afford to rent the home, you can now own it.

Sell and Move Anytime

We know things change, with Neeyah you can sell the home any time. No restrictions or penalties. We leave it entirely up to you.

Have questions? Let's chat

Schedule 15 minutes here to learn more and have your questions answered.

Interested in investing?

Neeyah offers accredited investors a Shariah-compliant, cash-only real estate investment opportunity. Giving investors the ability to diversify their investments while creating positive community impact. Reach out to our investment team today.